Operating Partner + Entrepreneur + Investor

Driving Growth Through Innovation & Leadership


Chris Grottenthaler, founder of Pedestal Capital, is a veteran business operator with extensive experience and deep expertise driving corporate growth in various industries such as technology, entertainment, media, and healthcare. He has a proven track record scaling businesses he’s owned and operated, portfolio companies, and private equity firms and is known as having a creative and strategic business mind.

Grottenthaler’s uncanny ability for recognizing the driving forces underlying a company’s growth potential has yielded dramatic benefits for the companies with which he’s worked as well as for their investors.


Throughout his more than twenty-year career operating businesses, serving on corporate boards, advising private equity firms, and managing the business cycles of several dozen companies, Chris Grottenthaler has seen it all.

Quite simply, Grottenthaler is not your hired gun. He is the partner to whom you turn when faced with the most challenging stages of acquisition and growth.


Every business in every industry is faced with unique circumstances. However, they all have in common a need for vision, leadership, and strategy. Chris Grottenthaler possesses the unique skill for seeing the multitude of opportunity sets facing a company and ascertaining accurately the correct path forward to achieving dynamic growth.

Crafting a strategy that positions a company for dramatic growth takes vision. Identifying the objectives and driving a corporate effort to hit those objectives requires leadership. Finally, recognizing the tactics that most significantly influence the success or failure of a company requires a creative business mind.

Chris Grottenthaler possesses each of these attributes. This is why private equity and venture capital firms seek out Grottenthaler’s guidance. He is a recognized leader who understands how to help PE and VC firms succeed by uncovering the hidden potential in their portfolio companies.

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